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In our latest review, Brandon took a look at InvaderGames’ most recent release Earth Defenders HD. The game is an interesting renovation of your standard tower defense game with a 360 degree earth being your point of defense. Earth Defenders HD released on December 24th, 2012 via Desura for PC and Mac for $3.99. A mobile version for Android is available for free as well through the Google Play market.

Game Info

GAME NAME: Earth Defenders HD

DEVELOPER(S): InvaderGames

PUBLISHER(S): InvaderGames

PLATFORM(S): PC, Mac, Android

GENRE(S): Arcade

RELEASE DATE(S): December 24, 2012

We would like to thank InvaderGames for giving us the opportunity to review Earth Defenders HD.


Earth Defenders HD is an arcade shooter that has you controlling a gunship orbiting Earth. Your main goal is to defend Earth from the waves of invading aliens that want to destroy it. The game has been released on Windows, Mac and Android. The Android version is currently free, but the Windows and Mac version will set you back $3.99 or $9.99 if you want the special edition. The special edition comes with 2 files of printable posters, an ad free android apk, and some extra crystals.

Earth Defenders


  • Story mode (4 chapters, 28 missions)
  • Infinite’ wave based arcade mode.
  • More than 10 bosses to battle with trough both Arcade and Story mode.
  • Unlocks and upgrades for both modes.
  • 25 Story mode achievements.
  • Cross-platform online High-scores tables.
  • Redeem/promotional codes.
  • Configurable controls layout.
  • DRM-free.
  • Cross-platform. (Windows, Android and Mac)
  • Hordes of aliens!


The controls are very easy to use, but if you dislike them for whatever reason, they can be changed to your liking. The game does feature a bit of physics will help and hinder you depending on how you manipulate it. While you orbit Earth firing at the seemingly endless enemies, you will notice that each missed shot curves back due to the Earth’s gravitational pull. This can be used to barrage enemies from above them, but if you miscalculate your bullets will come crashing back down into Earth inflicting great damage.

Earth Defenders

The game incorporates some tower defense elements as you’ll be able to acquire additional ships that attack the incoming threat. You are also able to upgrade your own ship by increasing speed, fire rate and the effective blast area. Aside from upgrading your own ship, you are able to increase the Earth’s health which will be needed as the game progresses.


The audio for Earth Defenders HD is as you would expect. It is similar to the arcade classics Asteroids or Space Invaders. The firing sound effects are akin to the same period as they are similar to most classic arcade or Atari games.


The graphics of Earth Defenders HD were also reminiscent to the classic arty styles of Asteroids and Space Invaders. They are the 8 bit style that has been coming back in the new neo-retro style.

Earth Defenders

Down to the Nitty Gritty:

My appeal to Earth Defenders HD was the curiosity of playing a new take on the classic Space Invaders game. Being a huge fan of retro games and the neo-retro games that have been coming out lately, it was only fitting to give this game a shot. The game’s difficulty at first seemed really easy, but it quickly grew significantly harder as I felt I was doing more damage to the Earth than the invaders were. After realizing this I began selective firing and did far better. The upgrades were very helpful as they are necessary to play the game to the fullest. The audio and graphics were similar to the arcade games of the 80′s, but with a game like this, there is no point trying to reinvent the wheel. The game is well worth your time if you are a fan of retro games. If you’re in the mood to play a new rendition on a classic, then give Earth Defenders HD a try.

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