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Fuel Overdose
8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Audio: 9/10
Graphics: 7/10

Challenging | Great Soundtrack | Solid Driving Mechanics

Occasional Glitches | Unforgiving | Better Suited for Vita

In Indie Game HQ’s latest review, Brandon takes a look at Fuel Overdose by I-FRIQIYA. Fuel Overdose is a combat racing action game currently available for PlayStation 3 via the PSN with a PC release expected in the future. In the not so distant future a virus and global warming has crippled society. Civilization has broken up into various clans with the largest clan controlling the vaccines. Representatives from each clan must race to the death for their share of the vaccines. The game is available for $9.99 with two free DLC packs titled the Mercenary and Wanderer Vehicle packs. All the needed links are listed at the end of the review.

Game Info

GAME NAME: Fuel Overdose




GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): Mar. 5, 2013

We would like to thank I-FRIQIYA for giving us the opportunity to review Fuel Overdose.



In the 21st century global warming caused the appearance of the Lilith Virus. In less then five weeks the entire world was infected with the virus. Scientist then created a vaccine, but another problem arose as global warming altered the Earth’s environments. Down Fall Day which it was named occurred 03/13/2017 and was the event that changed the face of the earth in many ways as regional climates greatly changed and cities began to collapse. Small groups of survivors of the virus and Down Fall Day began to form clans. These clans all had the goal of finding more vaccines. However, the largest clan known as the Consortium gained control of the vaccine supply. They decided to ration it out to other clans, but only if they participated in races to the death. These races were called the Race of Chaos.


Fuel Overdose is a tactical action racing game currently available on the PSN for 9.99. The game is a great addition to the combat racing genre as it surprisingly has a lot of content. The game starts with a choice of which characters campaign you’d like to play. This selection doesn’t factor into the gameplay much besides during the intermission between races which features your character’s story being told in text dialogue format. Each character’s separate story is as interesting as their appearance, but in a good way that creates a very diverse character selection. If you decide to pay attention to the story you should find each one pretty interesting as they all are not directly connected making them differ greatly.

Fuel Overdose

The driving sequences is where Fuel Overdose stands out. Right off the bat the game has you select one of two cars; with several others being available for unlock later or through the Mercenary or Wanderer DLC Packs. The game throws you into an introductory driving sequence that shows you the ropes. This sequence is very important if you want to grasp every aspect of Fuel Overdose. If you do decide to skip this sequence you will miss out on information that will aid you in tight situations while racing. The driving mechanics clearly show that the developers spent a good amount of time and effort trying to get their vision complete. Everything from drifting to spin-outs feels as it should. This is definitely a game that you will have to find your own personal driving style.

The weapon mechanics are interesting as each character has their own special weapons and attacks. In addition they each have their own joystick movements to activate them which adds a little variance when trying to master each cahracter. However, there are also the common abilities shared by all characters such as shielding and the grapple hook. All of these weapon mechanics combined play a vital part in the general racing strategy. A proper grapple boost off an opponent or well timed shock can change the outcome severely.

Strategy is something that has to be noted as it will play a vital part in successfully racing through each level of Fuel Overdose. When initially selecting you car you must choose based on various attributes such as grip, acceleration, and speed. Each car caters to specific racing styles so I recommend testing out all options as it greatly affects your driving. Each course individually caters to specific vehicles as well. Sometimes you’ll find yourself on a course with twists and turns that require proper handling or “grip”, but on the contrary you may find yourself on a track with several straightaways that can properly utilize acceleration and seed. Replaying maps over and over again will greatly increase your performance as you can predict when to drift and what obstacle lies ahead. Occasionally the camera does interfere by not zooming out when in a tight spot which makes it difficult to see whats coming up ahead.

Fuel Overdose


The audio of Fuel Overdose is actually pretty decent and very fitting for the gameplay. The song, A Light by Discloser, that plays while the story is being elaborated has to be the game’s best song by far. If you happen to dislike the game’s audio, there are volume settings in the options menu. The best feature for the audio is something more games should do. You can upload any playlist to the game and have that play as your audio tracks.


The graphics for Fuel Overdose change drastically between actual gameplay and the dialogue scenes between races. During races the graphics are based on the region you are racing in obviously, but there is predominantly just one color with a variety of different shades. For example the jungle level is compiled of several different shades of green with a splash of a few colors. One of the levels has you driving through a city that is blue, not figurative but literally the town is several different shades of blue. The lack of variety in regards to colors is rather interesting as it adds a level of difficulty to the game. It can occasionally be hard to differentiate turns and obstacles when there is little color variance.

The noticeable change in graphics during the dialogue scenes between levels is the manga style of character design. The character selection in this part is also diverse as you have the hyper sexualized female, the responsible female, the mysterious female, the hyper jacked male, the young male kid, the mysterious man, the obviously evil man and the honorable man. They each also come with their interesting back story that explains their individual dress and entire.

Down to the Nitty Gritty:

First off you’ll notice while racing that there are a few unpolished mechanics here and there, but they pale in comparison to the united effort of the game. Even though a few times I found myself driving through some objects I never felt like it hindered my gameplay experience. The music was a great selection as it was complimentary to the premise and feel of the game.. The story was also interesting but easily dismissible or skipped.

Fuel Overdose

Racing was fun and challenging, but it was really easy to be in the lead the entire race by a long shot and have one screw up that makes you come in last. Some of the upgrades were confusing off the bat, but it later became evident which were the important ones that fit your personalized driving style. Fuel Overdose is definitely a game that you must practice at in order to get better.

Overall Fuel Overdose is a game that is worth your time and is a nice change of pace from many of the more popular genres at the moment. It is a game that can be played in short burst, and feels like it would have performed better on the Vita rather than being only on PS3. I really enjoyed playing this Fuel Overdose, and for those of you without PlayStation 3s, there is an expected PC release set for the future.

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