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4.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/10
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Cute Design | Great Enemy Variety | Nice Sound Effects

Awkward Attacking | Repetitive Level Design | Story Somewhat Lacking

Tita Gasman is a 2D platformer that is available for free on PC. The game is an interesting throwback to the early 90s. You assume the role of Tita Gasman as he defends his homeworld from the Eonnous Empire and their battle station of immense proportions.

Game Info

GAME NAME: Tita Gasman

DEVELOPER(S): Joseph Cifala



GENRE(S): 2D Platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): May 25, 2012


Tita Gasman is a 2D platformer that is currently available for free through YoYo Games. The game was developed by by a Canadian college student named Joseph Cifala. You assume the role of Tita Gasman, a supercharged hero, as he defends his homeworld Tita from the evil Eonnous Empire.

Tita Gasman


If you want any clue as to what the story is all about you must first open the Read Me file. The game itself tries to play similar to the original Super Mario Bros with some new aspects. However, due to awkward controls some sequences seem impossible, but you just have to wing it. Jumping is problematic as you’ll have to learn to cut your jumps short to land in between spikes at various times.

The level design is alright but extremely predictable. Levels may alter slightly but tend to stay with a common theme. You typically come across levels with a lot of enemies with minimal platforming or having high platforming with minimal enemies. One other problem with the overall level design is the lack of shading to help separate the background from the foreground.

Enemy design is actually pretty unique as they are unlike any other game I have ever seen, but enemy mechanics need a little improvement. Some enemies have a set path they walk or move back and forth while others just stand there. Enemy health varies throughout the game depending on the unit, which is always a nice addition.

The game controls are fairly standard. To move left or right you hit the directional arrows left or right, to jump you hit the spacebar. End skips cutscenes, and Z is used to attack. The jumping has its flaws as you’ll notice. It tends to be difficult to control your landing. Attacking feels odd as well because Tita Gasman’s attack is a weird elbow to the air which, for some reason, counts as a ranged attack. His powers eventually get better as new powers are unlocked and can be used.


The graphics give the game some charm. It reminds me of playing an old retro game, like on the Nintendo. Joseph Cifala seems to combine pixel art well with hand drawn characters. The graphics, however, at points do hinder gameplay as the background oftentimes matches the foreground. Occasionally it is difficult to determine what is dangerous versus what is safe to step on.


Tita Gasman’s music is fairly well done and matches the atmosphere of the game. One excellent sound effect is the falling to death sound which sounds like a ‘Woooo’. The sound effects were great as each different death yields a different unique sound. But the sounds still add to the charm of the game. Whomever did the voice overs for their trailer shown above did a phenomenal job as well.

Tita Gasman

Down To The Nitty Gritty

First off, Tita Gasman was a personal throwback for me as it reminded me of many of my favorite games of the early 90s. After downloading the game I foolishly jumped into the game without reading the instructions. I eventually found out the basic controls but had to stop and read the instruction which revealed some important tidbits of the story such as special moves. The level design is pretty basic for a 2D platformer, but the enemies are pretty unique. The controls are the basic side-scroller layout which is nice not to complicate things. The attack is humorous and actually very effective except if you try to attack an enemies back. Graphics were the pixelated style that I’m huge fan of but could use some better shadowing to improve contrast. The sounds also add to the charm with the quirky little sounds for specific things and the background music doesn’t really get dull. So all in all the game isn’t the greatest, but it isn’t the worst either. Considering it was a free game developed by a teenager it is actually fairly impressive.

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