‘When Asteroids Attack!’ by Cataclysmic Games

When Asteroids Attack
7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Audio: 6/10

Simple Controls | Challenge Mode Offers Some Diversity | Fun and Quirky

Short Game Overall | Repetitive Noise | Hit Detection Slightly Off

When Asteroids Attack! is an arcade-shooter from Charlie Jackson, the man behind Cataclysmic Games. The game is currently available directly through the developer for $1.99 permanently, dropped down from $4.99. The game features 3 unique game modes to help keep gameplay interesting throughout.

Game Info

GAME NAME: When Asteroids Attack!

DEVELOPER(S): Cataclysmic Games

PUBLISHER(S): Cataclysmic Games


GENRE(S): Arcade-Shooter

RELEASE DATE(S): November 9, 2012

We would like to thank Charlie Jackson of Cataclysmic Games for the opportunity to review ‘When Asteroids Attack!’.


When Asteroids Attack! is an arcade-shooter similar to the original 1979 release Asteroids. However, this game takes it one step further by having some 2D space shooter levels in its mix. The game features 47 levels for you to conquer, spread across two game areas. The regular price for the game is $1.99 for the download, but if physical copies are more your thing, you can receive a disc with a signed thank you letter for $11.99.


When Asteroids Attack! features three available play options: Adventure Mode, Challenge Mode and Survivor Mode. Adventure Mode contains the main story and is the longest of the three game modes. It features a story that is somewhat humorous but can be completely skipped, and the game can still be fully enjoyed. The story in a nut shell is that you are a pilot that must save your homeworld, Cobol, from incoming meteors and eventually the alien threat.

When Asteroids Attack

You can upgrade your ship in two aspects: amount of lives and firing rate. These upgrades are purchased from Cobol but only once you have collected enough points and stars. Points are received whenever you destroy an object or complete a level. Even if you fail a level, you will still retain all points earned during mission. Stars are obtained by completing challenges in the main story. Each level has roughly 3 to 4 challenges, and normally they involve beating a level within a time limit or beating it without dying.

Challenge Mode offers 5 different types of categories. Each challenge category contains several challenges that increase in difficulty as you progress. For each challenge you complete, you will receive a trophy which just signifies that you completed the challenge. After completing a set amount of challenges you will unlock additional trophies.

Survivor Mode starts the player with three lives as you combat endless waves of enemies. The problem is more and more objects continue to spawn and will cover the screen if you don’t constantly destroy them. This is probably the hardest game mode but has the most replayability.


The standard game music is the same song on repeat which does get very annoying, and even when you pause the game it will play during the pause menu as if it were taunting you. Luckily, you can turn off the game music or game sound effects at any time in the menu. The game sound effects, on the other hand, are excellent with every single sound matching perfectly. The only downside is the firing noise as some levels require you to rapidly fire at countless enemies. This can become rather annoying quickly.


The graphics go for a more cartoon-style approach which pays off well. For what they are, the graphics are well done and the movements are very smooth. The game doesn’t provide a strong variety of obstacles and enemies, but it does an excellent job at continually changing the level design and patterns.

Down to the Nitty Gritty:

The game feels like an update to the classic Asteroids game. The gameplay has a lot of variety which is good for any game. Playing through it felt like a micro adventure as the map took you zigzagging to new locations. The upgrades a little too easy to obtain as you can max them out well before the end of the game. There was a semi-persistent glitch that had the previous level’s enemies spawn in teh next level which would result in insta-death. This glitch happened roughly 1 in every 50 or so levels which isn’t all that bad, but when it did happen it was certainly a nuisance. In regards to audio, I was split. The music was decent but gets repetitive quickly. The sound effects however were great. The cartoon-styled graphics were enjoyable and suited the gameplay well. Overall the game was very enjoyable to play and a nice step away from other genres that flood the market.

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