‘XnO’ by Digital Eclairs

6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Audio: 4/10
Graphics: 6/10

Simple gameplay | Responsive controls | Fun & challenging

Sound is repetitive | Lack of clearly defined story | Short

Hey guys, Beetlebear here and I had a chance to sit down and play XnO from Digital Eclairs, LLG. The game stars the cutest little penguins, X and O. XnO takes place in the far norh where X and O live with their friends P the puffer and T the turtle. A big menacing monster swoops down one day and imprisons O. O NO!

Now it’s up to your skills and the abilities of X, P and T!

Game Info


DEVELOPER(S): Digital Eclairs

PUBLISHER(S): Digital Eclairs

PLATFORM(S): Android, iOS

GENRE(S): Casual, Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): May 11, 2013

We would like to thank Digital Eclairs for giving us the opportunity to review their latest title. For more, please check out their website.


The inhabitants of Vazooka have been captured. Join X and his friends on their whimsical journey to rescue lovely lady penguin O, and other penguin families. Shoot the jolly puffer, P, using the unique aiming powers of the mighty turtle, T, to break open the cage and release the captured penguin. Discover the power of double headed turtle TT. Power-up on angels while evading the destructive power of demons.



  • 3D Character based adventure game
  • Whimsical environments
  • Accelerometer for enhanced gameplay
  • Enchanting characters and engrossing story
  • Hug the angels while dodging the demons
  • Awesome physics and brilliant game play
  • Multiple game modes – Practice & Challenge
  • Game Center missions (iOS only)


The game starts off with this little tale of woe. The first level puts you in the shoes of T the mighty turtle. Swiping up, down, left, and right will aim T and the goal is to throw P at the cans on top of the cage that is imprisoning. Although tricky, I found this mechanic to be easy to control and taking out the cans was no problem.


Subsequent levels add more obstacles like swinging anchors, floaties and evil pufferfish. You’ll also find that you’ll have to use more of T’s movement skills to avoid some of the really nasty stuff that comes your way while you’re trying to knock the cans over in desperation to save your precious O!


As far as the sound and music score go, XnO lacks in this area. Much like the older NES games that would drive my parents crazy with the 5 second loop that would play over and over, this game does much of the same. Sound FX are basic and as an avid player of games, I could almost determine they came from a royalty free pack of some sort, I’ve heard them before.


XnO features simplistic but colorful 3d graphics with most of the focus being on the various gameplay elements that you actually interact with. For a game that should be marketed to kids, I found some of the contrast in the game to be a complete turn off. Too much lighting in areas the player doesn’t actually interact with and not enough lighting on the parts the player does interact with. See the screenshot below for an example. Also, some things don’t exactly make sense graphically. Why does T have 2 heads during gameplay but in the storyline screens he has only one. I also found T to be a nuisance as far as viewing the gameboard goes. He actually gets in the way of what I’m trying to avoid and it would have been much better to play in first person mode with some visual indicators showing the player that you are “inside” of T.


A display on the screen shows you how many puffer fish you have to throw at the cans that are imprisoning your beloved. When you beat a level, a little picture frame with all of the game characters dancing appears on the screen as well as your total results from the last level. Over all, the graphics are alright and if the developers put a little more polish into the cohesion of the various graphical elements, the game would really shine.

Down to the Nitty Gritty

XnO has Gamecenter and Facebook integration, a clean and friendly user interface and can be played in small bursts. In conclusion I would say the demographic of this game is anyone who likes simple, quirky, physics based games. If you like angry birds or mostly download games on your device to play in rapid bursts, it’s also good for that too. This game really shines though, if you have kids. It’s simple, fun and not too hard as far as difficulty goes.

Digital Eclairs | Download XnO: iOS | Android

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  • grasx

    Interesting review. Its a fun game. The author seemed to have underrated audio – I surely think it deserves at least 6. It reminds of the old games from my NES collection. If you loved the old school side scrollers you will love this music. Graphics is not bad at all. The environments change every few levels and as the difficulty rises. The last few levels of the game are the most challenging when those rolling enemies are introduced. One among the handful of games where use of accelerometer made sense. Though short, it is very well balanced.

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