Rifter Games Releases Debut Title ‘Rock Ninja’ for Android

Rock Ninja

Rifter Games released their debut title Rock Ninja for Android earlier this week. After lead developer Oscar Bigu made a big gamble in quitting his job, the game is available for free. In Rock Ninja you must survive as long as possible while dodging a barrage of falling rocks. Throughout the game power-ups, potions, and items will become available to make it a bit easier. For being Mr. Bigu’s first game, it is very polished. Consider downloading the game and trying it out. Mr. Bigu would certainly appreciate the feedback.

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About Rock Ninja:

Rock Ninja is a fun and addictive arcade game in which our little ninja needs to survive as long as possible and avoid being hit by a shower of bouncy rocks. Unlock potions, ninja weapons, magical hats and other amazing power-ups to help him dodge or destroy the rocks!

Choose a difficulty level, from easy (if you are a casual gamer) to hard (if you are a true Rock Ninja) and challenge your friends on the integrated leaderboards!


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