Right Side Down Games Launches Kickstarter for The Enraged

The Enraged

Right Side Down Games has launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming turn-based RPG The Enraged. The game is very reminiscent of the hit movie I Am Legend, as virtually every human has devolved into more animal than man due to the outbreak of a virus. You must explore the island for additional survivors and a possible answer as to what occurred. The Enraged sounds very enjoyable, and the 16-bit graphics are very nostalgic. Just from what is shown, it seems that they are well on their way to creating an interesting game. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see the true potential of this game should they receive their funding and possibly some stretch goals. The Enraged has 26 days remaining to fund $12,000. For a minimum of $10 you can pre-order yourself a copy of this interesting retro-styled survival game.

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About The Enraged:

You play as David Young, the new head of security for Guardian Research Corporation on Emerton Island. Within three days of arriving on the island, something at Guardian Research Corporation goes horribly wrong, and a virus breaks out that turns anyone infected into an advanced killing machine. The virus destroys human emotions, and replaces them with animalistic tendencies all while giving them more endurance, strength, speed, and many other factors. The infected are out to destroy anything they can, and it’s Davids goal to survive and help others. Join David as he turns the beautiful Guardian Hotel into a safe house, all while exploring the island of Emerton for other survivors and supplies.

Kickstarter Video:

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  • Chadd

    I found this the other day. I decided to fund it. Then I played the demo and I am super excited for it. Not a harcore gamer, but I think it could appeal to everyone. I hope it can raise enough money to get on the Ouya. All I can say is it looks very professionally done for a first project!

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