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Legend of Dungeon

Legend of Dungeon is a unique indie game set to release sometime in Spring 2013. Take all the best aspects from roguelike games, Gauntlet, Diablo, infuse it with arcade gameplay, and you have Legend of Dungeon. The game runs on a heavily modified version of unity 3d and the developers have pushed the SDK to the absolute limits to present the players with fantastic eye candy that will keep your eyeballs orgasming the entire time you play.

About a month ago, I had a chance to get a copy of Legend of Dungeon for my team here at IGHQ and we had an absolute blast playing it. A month later, I’m still playing and loving it. Below you will find my interview with this incredible husband and wife indie duo as well as a 32 minute lets play video of me playing Legend of Dungeon.

About Legend of Dungeon:

Go in alone, or team up to Crawl and Brawl through a beautiful and challenging Rogue inspired Dungeon. You and up to 3 companions are on a hunt for a treasure rumored to lie on the 26th floor of a dark and deadly dungeon. Your quest: get the treasure and make it back alive. Which you won’t, no one ever has.


IGHQ Beetlebear: Robot Loves Kitty, how did this name come about?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: Calvin is a robot, and Alix is a cat, and they love each other, Obviously!

Actually, on valentines day the year we started making games together, instead of doing the usual ignoring of the holiday, Calvin made a Valentine out of magazine bits. It was a robot with a kitty on its head, it was awesome. and that is the end of my story.

Legend of Dungeon

IGHQ Beetlebear: It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished, melding multiple gaming genres together successfully. 4 player Arcade style Roguelike dungeon mastering, you guys ought to come up with your own term for this game. What was the biggest influence for Legend of Dungeon and as far as gameplay goes, where do you think Legend of Dungeon has it’s strongest point?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: The most prominent influence in the game is definitely the classic game Rogue. We tried to transport the feel and interaction from that type of gameplay into the bet’em’up arcade style. As far as the gameplay strengths, I personally think that it’s the fact that every time you play, everything is randomized so you don’t know what to expect, and you get to take risks, explore, get stronger, and discover. no matter how many times you’ve played before.

IGHQ Beetlebear: How many people currently work on Legend of Dungeon?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: Robot Loves Kitty is a husband and wife team right now, so it’s just the two of us doing the game design and creation. The music was composed by a really talented friend of ours, David Dirig, and the art was based off of Sebastiaan van Hijfte’s character design, with alterations and additions by us.

IGHQ Beetlebear: When I first received my alpha copy of the game, I became insanely addicted to it. It seems as if you took the best aspects from your inspirations and hit the virtual G-spot with every single addictive, reward-center flooding chemical you could possibly have a gamers brain produce. Was this intentional or a pleasant side effect of a master plan in action?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: We love games, and we wanted to make something we would love playing. It partially feels like it was just dumb luck that the genres worked well together, but we also put a lot of work into it, and into making the game feel and look right.

Legend of Dungeon

IGHQ Beetlebear: The graphical engine is amazing, was this developed in house, are there any future plans for things that have not been seen in this engine yet?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: It’s done in Unity 3D. we just use it in neat ways.

IGHQ Beetlebear: In the few weeks I’ve been playing Legend of Dungeon I’ve seen several updates that add quite a bit of obvious features and additions to the game, switches and secret doors for one. What are some of the features planned for the future that you would like to share with our readers?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: Ohh, Features that aren’t in yet…. There are going to be NPC’s that you will come across as you wander the dungeon that will do things (that part is a secret), there are pets that you can tame and take with you, and the 8 Character classes: Sorcerer, Doctor, Ninja, Knight, Hunter, Cowboy/Girl, Necromancer, and Bard. There a lot more we are adding, but nothing big enough to call a feature.

IGHQ Beetlebear: The music track is classic and I actually have to turn it on every time I play, because it really adds to the mood of the game. Are there plans for more varieties of music from the same composer?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: The music that you heard was just a teaser track from the composer. We’ve actually just recently added in a fully dynamic randomized soundtrack, you affect the music as you play, and it’s different every run.

IGHQ Beetlebear: One of my favorite features in Legend of Dungeon was the ability to assign my controls to anything I want, including an old xbox 360 controller I have lying around. It seems like LoD is a perfect candidate for an arcade cabinet, raspberry pi, etc.. with moddable output. What does the dev team think of this?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: That would be awesome! I’d love to see an arcade cabinet version of LoD! For right now we really have to focus on the PC, mac, Linux, Ouya, and Android versions though.

Legend of Dungeon

IGHQ Beetlebear: Legend of Dungeon is currently in beta, what have been some of the hurdles and rewards of running a closed alpha and beta?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: We really wanted to share the game and get feedback, but we knew that at that point in development we couldn’t handle a very large player base. We were thrilled to have the Kickstarter backers test our alpha, and it developed into a small tight nit community of players!

IGHQ Beetlebear: Is there anything you would like to pass on to our readers?

i[ o o ]i  <3   =^_^=: Legend of Dungeon just recently became available on our website as a “nearly Beta” build, you can get it on our site and if  the game is Greenlit on Steam you will get a key for Steam as well.

Robot Loves Kitty | Steam Greenlight | Facebook | Twitter


Let’s Play Video:

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