Ryan DeGange Discusses Goals, Nudity, and Plans for Empire Eden

Empire Eden

Ryan DeGange of New Horizon Games recently took the time to discuss his title upcoming run n’ gun action RPG Empire Eden. The game revolves around a nameless tribal hero who travels the world hoping to seek answers and rescue his people from the Empire. Along the way your story quickly evolves based on your decisions, which leads to multiple endings. Empire Eden is very reminiscent of the classic games like Contra and Castlevania. Should this sound like something you are interested, be sure to check out the Kickstarter link after the interview.

About Empire Eden:

A combination of Run & Gun, Beat ‘em Up, and RPG like you have never seen before. You play as a tribal native whose tribe was swept away by the Empire’s soldiers. Unaware of who the Empire is, and why they have done this, your main objective is to rescue the captured tribesmen/women while unraveling the secrets behind the Empire.


Indie Game HQ: Can you tell us a little bit about New Horizon Games?

Ryan:  I am the creator and lead of the current project Empire Eden. I’m a pixel artist and game designer. Luke is a C++ programmer and game designer. Chris is the resident lead programmer.

The name explains it self. New Horizon. We want to change the way people look at indie games.

Indie Game HQ: Prior to working on Empire Eden, what have you guys worked on?

Ryan: Together nothing, but I have worked on various small projects, free-to-play, like Virus Effect, Thingavore, and Realms of Earth. All titles that I don’t expect anyone to be able to find searching the internet. These were just fun projects with friends.

Indie Game HQ: This being your first commercial title, what struggles have you come across developing this game versus some of your past titles?

Ryan: Honestly the development has been easier than ever. It’s very streamlined, and this project will be put together faster than any project in the past. Our biggest hurdle is definitely getting media attention. Something we never even considered.

Indie Game HQ: How much of a focus are you putting on the storyline of the game?

Ryan: The game was designed around the story. I’m sure a lot of people say this, but there were many late nights dedicated to the outcome of our unnamed main character’s fate.

Indie Game HQ: How large is the world of Empire Eden? How many different areas can we expect to explore?

Ryan: Well, the cool thing is the variety you will get through decision making. Each play through should be different than the previous granted you don’t pick the exact same options. There will be jungles, caves, snow zones, trains and other moving areas, deserts, tropical areas, underwater, laboratory, saloon’s/bars, futuristic/science areas, spirit world, etc. The list goes on, depending on the amount of funding we get. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the visual diversity.

Indie Game HQ: What variety of animal powers will you be adding to the final game?

Ryan: Right now we’re limiting it to Bull, Bear, Fish, Eagle, and Human. This isn’t to say there might be more. Try to remember that these are used to navigate maps in new ways, so having too many could negatively impact your experience.

Indie Game HQ: Now, we’ve all been dying to know. What happened to his clothes?

Ryan: Haha. Well this game is actually about a clan of nudists. Jk. The initial sprite I drew had clothes. As I continued to work, I decided I wanted to make him completely nude to make sure every muscle felt true to the human form. I would later on start adding articles of clothing, but the most important thing was the fluidity of his movement. People seem to love the naked man, so we might leave him naked for a while before giving him the chance to get any clothes.

Indie Game HQ: For first time players of this genre, how difficult do you think the game will be?

Ryan: This game will probably be comparable to Contra Hard Corps or Metal Slug. I plan on making it a little less difficult. I know that these types of games were unbelievably hard in the past since you died in 1 hit. We have a health bar, so hopefully that helps people a little more. It will definitely be challenging though.

Indie Game HQ: What is your ultimate goal in creating Empire Eden? What do you hope to provide to the gaming community?

Ryan: The ultimate goal was a story that really solidified the main character as an icon for indie games. Much like Mario was the posterboy for Nintendo, or Sonic for Sega. After that we wanted to make sure that the gameplay and art matched the level of detail in the story.

Indie Game HQ: Thanks for your time. Good luck with your Kickstarter. Is there anything you would like to add for our readers?

Ryan: My mom says that I need to say I love her.

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