Schein Developer Demo Available Now


The developers of the upcoming game Schein have released a short dev-demo for the game through their site. This dev-demo is to show off the basic gameplay and techniques used in the Schein and to give you a taste of the game before its Q1 2013 release. Everything shown in this demo is subject to change however as this is not the finished product.

About Schein:

The life of a young man chan­ges dras­ti­cally when the dead body of his only son is found at the edge of a forest. Remem­be­ring an old legend about a magi­cal place in the bor­de­ring swamp, and dri­ven by the wish to revive his son, he begins his long and peri­lous jour­ney.

At the brink of mad­ness and nar­rowly eva­ding death, a small glim­mer of hope appears in the form of the “Irr­licht”. This ghostly light offers its help in the search for a way through the natu­ral laby­rinth. Ent­rus­ting his life to the mys­ti­cal being, the man fol­lows the “Irr­licht” and dis­co­vers its hid­den powers: The radia­ting light of the fiery ghost unveils new paths through the deadly mar­sh­land where none could be seen before. Bat­hing their sur­roun­dings in color­ful illu­si­ons, ghost and man advance fur­ther toward the deepest, dar­kest secrets of the swamp.

Schein is expected to release in Quarter 1 2013 and the final product will feature 12 levels guarded by 4  monsters. The game will be releasing for Windows only and is planned to be optimized for the Xbox 360 controller. The student team behind the game appear ready to bring a quality first title.


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