Snake Gets Re-imagined in ‘The Prettiest Ribbon’

The Prettiest Ribbon

Pocket Starship, developer of such games as Rotor and Last Chapter of Man, has released their latest game The Prettiest Ribbon.The game can be literally summed up as Snake on a cube. The gameplay takes the basic idea of Snake but adds a few twerks and places the snake on a 3D cube that can be rotated by the snake’s movement. The Prettiest Ribbon features 32 unloackable levels and the option of splitscreen so you can share the fun. The game is only available on PC and is free to download, but you can show support by giving a donation.

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About The Prettiest Ribbon:

It’s snake, a classic bit of game play, refreshingly updated with some neat technical trickery. There’s 32 levels in the game with a few little surprises waiting for you. A whole bouquet of palettes and few other little unlockables help flesh out the single player mode.


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