Spearhead Platoon, A Tactical War Game for iPad, Seeks Funding

Spearhead Platoon

Stormcharge Ltd has created a Kickstarter for their upcoming iPad game Spearhead Platoon. As a debut title, Spearhead Platoon will be played from a tactical standpoint and get as close to a tank simulator as possible, while still making it compatible with a tablet.

The developers have stated that the majority of funds will go to finishing development and ensuring they add the features that the players demand. Stormcharge is asking for £20,000 and has raised £452 thus far. They have a long way to go and 19 days left to do it, but for a game of this quality on mobile devices, I think Spearhead Platoon definitely has the chance to succeed. For more information feel free to keep reading, or you can click one of the links below.

Spearhead Platoon on: Kickstarter | Official Website | Twitter | Facebook

About Spearhead Platoon

Spearhead Platoon is a tactical war game and a tank simulation about the fictional tank battle scenario as known as Fulda Gap, set in 1980′s Germany.

The player is put in the position of a main battle tank platoon commander in charge of four U.S. M1A1 Abrams tanks. The player can give orders to friendly units via a tactical map of the battle area as well as taking control of a single tank. Depending on the player’s tastes, the whole game can be played more like an action/simulation game or like a strategy game.

As platoon commander, direct control is limited to the four M1A1 tanks, however depending on the mission, support units are available and can be given orders via the tactical map.


  • Control entire tank platoon,
  • Control each tank individually,
  • Plan platoon tactic via map view and
  • Complete the campaign (15 missions) and survive the Soviet onslaught

Gameplay Trailer

About Stormcharge Ltd

Stormcharge is a privately held, independent game studio based in London, UK. We are dedicated to bringing you unique game experience that you will enjoy. We enjoy various genres of video game and we are combining some genres to form a new game experience.

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