Streets of Rage Meets Final Fantasy in Whilom: Sins – Now on Kickstarter

Whilom: Sins

Dreamken Studios has launched a Kickstarter for their debut title Whilom: Sins. The game is said to combine aspects of Streets of Rage and Final Fantasy to create an interesting hybrid that provides the best of both worlds. Dreamken Studios aims to innovate this genre by creating a brawler with strong RPG elements that does not have the repetitive feel of spamming the same few attacks. If you are interested in Whilom: Sins check out the game page linked below for the demo. Whiloms: Sins still has 41 days left in its Kickstarter and needs to raise roughly $24,500 in order to be funded. For a minimum pledge of $10 you can pre-order a copy of the game. The game is expected to be available in March 2014 for PC and Mac with Linux and PlayStation 3 support being added if certain stretch goals are met.

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About Whilom: Sins:

In Whilom: Sins you play as Ceon, a government agent sent on a mission to find remnants of a secret order that conducted human experimentation and trafficking. Through out your journey you’ll uncover the truths behind The Soulless War, Ceon’s afflictions, and why sometimes forgetting the past is the best path.


Kickstarter Video:

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