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By Nathan, July 9, 2013 1 News

Indie Game Stand has revealed their latest game up for grabs on their pay-what-you-want platform. 3089, by Phr00t, is now available for as little as 25 cents. The more you pay, however, the more you will receive. If you pay $1… Read More »

By Nathan, June 25, 2013 0

About Routine Routine is a first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned Moon base. Your job is to find enough data to uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance of everyone stationed on the Lunar Research Station. Routine… Read More »

By Nathan, June 22, 2013 0 News

Have you ever had the urge to control the moon? Have you ever wanted to use it to your advantage and solve puzzles while doing so? If you said yes to one or both of those questions, you’re in luck!… Read More »

By James, June 14, 2013 0 News

Uber Entertainment’s Planetary Annihilation has become the latest game to join Steam’s Early Access program. Anyone who purchases the game now will be granted immediate access to the alpha stage of the game. As of now the game is solely… Read More »

By Nathan, May 31, 2013 0

About Dungeon Dwellers Dungeon Dwellers is a real time strategy game. The player takes the form of an evil Dungeon Lord and guides his minions into digging out and claiming paths and rooms in his name. The game will be… Read More »

By James, May 27, 2013 0 News

The alpha version for AscendAoN is now available for download for free on IndieDB. AscendAoN is a first-person adventure game that requires you to use your grapple gun to climb the frozen mountain while searching for the needed resources. You… Read More »

By Nathan, May 13, 2013 0

About Under the Ocean Shipwrecked on a tropical island, you must use your wits and the natural environment to survive, craft, explore – and eventually, find your way home. Under the Ocean is currently in early alpha. Craft Under the… Read More »

By James, April 25, 2013 0 News

New World Interactive has released their fps INSURGENCY through Steam’s “Early Access” store for a nice 25% discount bringing the price to $14.99. Early Access allows developers to connect with their users throughout development all the way through alpha and… Read More »

By James, January 25, 2013 0 News

Ace of Spades has received a new classic mode DLC that brings back gameplay akin to the glorious alpha phase. They have added the Deuce character class which is an updated version of the single original class as well as… Read More »

By James, November 5, 2012 0 News

Carbon Games‘ highly anticipated title AirMech is expected to start its open beta through Steam on November 8th. This F2p action real-time strategy has already garnered 400,000 registered users just through Alpha and Closed Beta. Upon entering Open Beta, this number… Read More »

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