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By Michael Westgarth, September 5, 2013 0 News

Working full time on a personal video game development project is the stuff of dreams for most indie developers. But after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Chicago based Hongenese developer Kee-Won Hong is living this very dream with his upcoming indie… Read More »

By James, July 9, 2013 3 Giveaways

Indie Game HQ is excited to offer beta keys for Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians by THREAKS and Reverb Publishing. Follow the steps below to be entered to win one of these keys. Be sure to enter with a valid… Read More »

By Nathan, June 7, 2013 2 Interviews

In our latest interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with team behind Thermal Erosion, creators of Fields of War. This game features 200 player gigantic mech battles on very large maps, complete with territorial objectives. There are multiple classes,… Read More »

By James, March 12, 2013 0 News

Snowbird Game Studios has announced that the second beta for Eador, Masters of the Broken World will be starting this week. To join this beta perform either of the tasks below. Once you receive your beta key you will be… Read More »

By James, February 27, 2013 0 Interviews

Chris Palmarozzi, founder of Shiny Loot, recently took the time to discuss his new digital distribution site with us. Shiny Loot, currently in beta, features a unique search system based on traits, genre, and settings that allows gamers to find… Read More »

By Nathan, January 8, 2013 0 News

Gear City, an automobile manufacturing business simulator developed by Visual Entertainment and Technologies, has released a new trailer to help build hype for their upcoming Beta. You may be asking yourself, “What is an automobile manufacturing business simulator”? Well essentially it’s a car… Read More »

By James, December 6, 2012 0 News

Elefantopia LLC has released the beta for McDROID onto Desura with a special 50% off discount bringing the game to $7.49/£4.99. With this purchase they guarantee you will receive all future updates as well as a copy of the final released… Read More »

By James, November 30, 2012 0 News

Legends of Aethereus appears to be progressing nicely since their Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded this past Summer. ThreeGates has begun accepting pre-orders through their website for $24.99. This pre-order supplies you with instant access to the beta for Windows… Read More »

By James, November 28, 2012 0

Developer Page | Game Page | Steam Community Due to a chemical known as pharGONe, the world has been turned upside down. Battle your way through multiple levels, earning upgrades, competing against your friends and more, and find the truth… Read More »

By James, November 22, 2012 1 News

Snowbird Games has announced that they have opened up beta sign-ups for their upcoming turn-based strategy game Eador, Masters of the Broken World. The beta will begin on December 10th. According to Snowbird Games’ blog you must first register on their… Read More »

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