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By James, July 26, 2013 0 News

Spiders Studios and Focus Home Interactive have released their popular PC game Mars: War Logs onto the Xbox Live Marketplace with a PlayStation Network release planned for sometime this August. Nearly a century after a huge cataclysm threw Mars into… Read More »

By James, July 23, 2013 0 News

XPEC Entertainment has released their action-platformer Do Not Fall exclusively through the PlayStation Network for $9.99 on PS3. Players assume the role of an adventurer named Pipi who must explore the vast worlds within a vending machine. Quick reflexes will… Read More »

By Brandon, July 17, 2013 0

In Indie Game HQ’s latest review, Brandon takes a look at the action fighting game Strength of the Sword 3 by Ivent… Read More »

By Nathan, June 25, 2013 1 News

As of today, the popular Indie title Hotline Miami has expanded its borders to the Playstation Network. For the low price of £7.29/$9.99, you can go on a murderous rampage on your PS3 or Vita. Hotline Miami for PS3 and PS… Read More »

By Nathan, June 20, 2013 0

About Stick it to the Man Meet Ray, he lives in a world where everything is made out of paper and stickers. One day he has an accident and wakes up with a giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of… Read More »

By James, June 19, 2013 0 News

Black Forest Games has finally released the PlayStation version of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams in the US and Europe for $14.99 and €14.99 respectively. After a successful Kickstarter followed by successful launches on PC and Xbox 360, Giana Sisters is set… Read More »

By James, June 7, 2013 0 News

Coffee Stain Studios have released the popular FPS/Tower Defense hybrid Sanctum 2 on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points in Europe. Sanctum 2 has you play as an elite soldier tasked with defending two oxygen producing cores from… Read More »

By James, June 3, 2013 0

About Strength of the Sword 3: Each and every foe you meet is there, not to slow you down, but to kill you! The game’s AI will analyze and exploit your weaknesses!!! It will punish you for your arrogance and ignorance, and… Read More »

By James, June 3, 2013 0 News

After 5 long years, the two-men behind Ivent Games are finally ready to release their PSN exclusive Strength of the Sword 3 in Europe with a North American release in the near future. In honor of this tremendous moment the… Read More »

By James, May 31, 2013 0 News

Rain Games is set to bring their puzzle platformer Teslagrad to PlayStation 3. Teslagrad will release in Quarter 4 2013 alongside PC, Mac, and Linux versions. The developer also made note that they have additional platform support planned for the… Read More »

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