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By Elle, April 11, 2014 0 News

If you missed our last Funding Fridays feature, you can view it here! Dead in Candlewood “An open-world psychological FPS set in ghoulish 1940s America, from veterans who worked on Silent Hill, F.E.A.R. and The Witcher.” Lester Caravan’s wife died some… Read More »

By Elle, February 21, 2014 1 News

Once a week, we at Indie Game HQ fight to death to pick five indie game projects that need your help to become a reality, ultimately culminating in our weekly Funding Fridays feature. So what are this week’s picks? Allow… Read More »

By James, January 2, 2014 0 News

After a successful Greenlight campaign, indie developer Phr00t is planning on releasing his popular sci-fi RPG-shooter, 3089, on Steam in early January. In 3089 you control an experimental robot that is placed on the world by the Overlord Xax as a… Read More »

By Elle, December 2, 2013 0 News

A D-Pad Studio game is coming to Steam December 4th. No, it’s not Owlboy, and I know that makes your heart sink just a little. Savant: Ascent is hitting Steam this week after a successful Greenlight campaign, and it’s actually… Read More »

By James, November 20, 2013 0 News

Beating Quota is an upcoming riot-theme beat ‘em up-shooter from the British indie studio Decaying Logic. As London becomes overwhelmed with thieves, thugs, and crackheads, it is up to new guy on the force, Officer Al Varo, to restore order… Read More »

By James, November 14, 2013 0 Interviews

In our latest interview we had the chance to speak with Andrew Spearin of New World Interactive regarding their title INSURGENCY. Andrew’s work in the design and marketing of the game provided great insight into development and what we can… Read More »

By James, October 31, 2013 0 News

It is that time of the year again! Halloween has returned, and now is as good a time as any to play all the scary games. We at Indie Game HQ have put together what we consider to be the… Read More »

By Brandon, October 24, 2013 0 News

Lumenox Games needs your help getting Aaru’s Awakening Greenlit. Like many others, they are stuck in that hellish pit and are in need of at least enough votes to get Valve’s attention. The game itself may seem like your average… Read More »

By Brandon, October 23, 2013 0 News

Primal Carnage is now available for 50% off, making it only $7.49 until October 28th. To go along with this sale, Lukewarm Media has released a new game mode, map and dinosaur skins for the game. The developers have also… Read More »

By Elle, October 23, 2013 3 Interviews

If you’re an indie fan, chances are you’re familiar with Kickstarter, and, if you’re the type to keep up with Kickstarter, chances are you’ve heard of Hyper Light Drifter, an upcoming indie action-RPG by Heart Machine that took the community… Read More »

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