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By Brandon, October 22, 2013 0 News

Indie developer ‘Circuit Hive’ has released their second title Pirate Code for PC through their website. Pirate Code was under development for a whopping 5 years and finally has a set date. The first chapter is free for everyone to get… Read More »

By James, August 9, 2013 0 News

Indie developer Camel 101 has returned with another real-time strategy game. After creating the fairloy popular game Gemini Wars (which we reviewed), they are now seeking funding through Kickstarter for their game Black Talons. The game has you assume the… Read More »

By Nathan, June 21, 2013 0 News

GhostControl Inc., a strategic ghost-hunting simulator with some amazing pixel art, has only 15 days left on Kickstarter. So far, the game has raised £6,974 of the £7,500 goal. Chances are, GhostControl Inc. will reach its goal, but that doesn’t… Read More »

By Brandon, June 18, 2013 1

In Indie Game HQ’s latest review, Brandon takes a look at Solara by Esper Labs. Solara has you control a… Read More »

By James, June 6, 2013 0 News

Frozen Hearth is one of the many great games seemingly trapped on Steam Greenlight. The developers at Immanitas Entertainment and Epiphany Games, like many others, are very deserving of a Steam release. For those that don’t know about Frozen Hearth,… Read More »

By James, May 30, 2013 0 Interviews

In our latest interview we had the chance to speak with Luke, the man behind Shining Rock Software. Luke has been hard at work with his stunning city building game Banished. Banished is an in-depth city builder game set in… Read More »

By James, May 30, 2013 0

About Banished: Welcome to the world of Banished! In this city-building strategy game, you control a group of exiled travelers who decide to restart their lives in a new land. They have only the clothes on their backs and a… Read More »

By James, May 22, 2013 2 News

Arcen Games has launched a new website dedicated to their turn-based strategy god game Skyward Collapse. You assume the role of the Creator, and you must try to maintain the balance between nations and gods. There is a fine line… Read More »

By James, May 20, 2013 1

In Indie Game HQ’s latest review, James takes a look at Dominions 3: The Awakening by Illwinter Game Design. The… Read More »

By James, May 9, 2013 0 News

For almost 50 years the world’s two big super powers were interlocked in a war that bred distrust and suspicion globally. Despite the fact that the world could have ended at any moment with the simple push of a few… Read More »

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