Teaser Unveiled for Narrative Space Exploration Game ‘Out There’

Out There Mi-Clos Studios

Mi-Clos Studio, a french indie development studio, has announced their latest game in the form of a teaser trailer. Out There, being created in collaboration with FibreTigre, is a narrative driven space exploration. Not much is known about the game as of now, but the teaser trailer does its job showing off the planned comic book art style and building up hype for the game. Mi-Clos Studio also has an iOS game out for free called Space Disorder.

About Out There

Exiled to the ends of an unknown galaxy, an astronaut must survive to find his way back to Earth. You are this astronaut.


  • Navigate freely in the galaxy while managing fuel and vital resources
  • Face situations where you’ll have to make choices that will change your fate
  • Mine planets and probe stars to gather resources
  • Discover new technologies and craft powerful equipment for your ship
  • Try to communicate with exotic civilizations. Make them your allies or enemies
  • Encounter the untold secrets of the cosmos
  • 70′s sci-fi comics graphics
  • PC / Mac / Mobiles

Teaser Trailer

Mi-Clos Studio | FibreTigre | Space Disorder | Facebook

About Mi-Clos Studio

Mi-Clos is a one-man game studio based in Lyon, France founded by multi-disciplinary artist Michael Peiffert. The studio welcomes independent artists and developers alike on its projects. Its first title, Space Disorder has been released in October 2012 on iOS. www.miclos.com

About FibreTigre

For this project, Mi-Clos Studio welcomes narrative designer FibreTigre. FibreTigre has been working in interactive fiction for more than 10 years. In 2002, he writes the first modern interactive fiction : Filaments, which gets awarded with the Public Choice Price in Italy. He also wrote an interactive fiction for the swiss museum La Maison d’Ailleurs based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Commonplace. Ekphrasis, his own interactive fiction mixed with music and graphics, is the first nonenglish work nominated at Xyzzy Awards in 2006. He also brought new mechanics to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” genre in three books. For 6 months, he hosted an interactive fiction with 600+ players on Google+, which he used as a game engine.

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