Terraria 1.2 Update Coming to PC on October 1st

Terraria 1.2 Update Video

If you’re any kind of Terraria fan, you’ve been constantly scouring the web on any news related to the much anticipated 1.2 PC update. Well, it may not be here just yet, but we do at least have a confirmed release date. Andrew Spinks, also known as Demilogic, has revealed the October 1st release date moments ago via Twitter as you can see below:

As amazing as this news is, October 1st is still a little ways off. (Way too long for my liking anyway) So to hold you off until then, feel free to watch the videos below showcasing some of the awesome new features Terraria fans are looking forward to. You can also visit one of the links below to follow Andrew on Twitter or read our interview for more information.

Our Interview with Andrew Spinks | Terraria | Forums | @Demilogic

Terraria 1.2 Preview – Random Happenings

Terraria 1.2 Update – Music Spoiler

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  • Kinitix

    We’ve got this, and once Starbound is out I’ll be set for a long time with both of them.

  • Stephan

    I know it’s idle hope, but I still really wish that the Vita version will also include this stuff.

    • Jacob Iain Macdonald

      Ya, but it’s PC only

      • Jason Z

        no it’s not pc only, it’s coming to consoles as well this was confirmed by both Redigit and 505 games who did the console, vita and iOS versions

        • Stephan

          Ok, cool. That actually sounds quite promising!

    • Jason Z

      not sure about VITA yet but the PS3 and XBLA versions will get the update a few months after the PC does though it may have some content missing due to the fact that 505 games/Engine software rebuilt the code from the ground up and so it varies from the PC’s source code a fair bit so it may prove to be hard to implement all the things the PC 1.2 updated added.

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