Kickstarter Launched for Metroidvania Game The Dream King

The Dream King

Nick Ridgway has launched a Kickstarter for his Metroidvania styled game The Dream King. With 26 days remaining, Nick is attempting to raise $14,000 to purchase new equipment and hire artists to improve the graphics. The Dream King hopes to capture the nostalgic appeal of popular hits such as The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and Mega Man, but Nick is planning on building upon what made those games successful by adding 4-player cooperative play. If this interests you, you can pre-purchase the game with a pledge of at least $15, or check out the other tiers for plenty of goodies.

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About The Dream King:

In the world of Endica, ancient prophecies tell of a hero who will bring peace to the world. So the legend goes: ”He who can climb the cursed tower and reclaim the castle shall become…The Dream King!”

Tellus Thomas is an orphan who believes he can achieve the impossible! With help from his friends, he is absolutely determined to climb the tower in order to break the curse on the world and usher in an age of peace!

Kickstarter video:

This video has been removed from Kickstarter.

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