The Fall – A Story-Driven Exploration Game Reaches 116% Funding in 10 Days

The Fall

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen numerous Kickstarter projects that have been doing fairly well for themselves. A few of them include: Hot Tin Roof by Glass Bottom Games, Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine, and Luna’s Wandering Stars by Serenity Forge. While Hyper Light Drifter is the only one of those 3 to have passed its goal so far, The Fall has joined the ranks by reaching 116% funding in around 10 days.

So far, The Fall has been developed by one man. The main purpose of the crowd-funding campaign is to raise funds for extra team members, some polishing, Kickstarter fees and of course backer rewards. There are also quite a few stretch goals should The Fall raise gratuitous amounts of money. The highest planned goal is at $60,000 which will bring the game to Wii U, PS4, PS Vita, Xbone and possibly the Ew-ya. Any additional money raised past that will go to funding future episodes of The Fall.

Below you’ll find more information about The Fall including the Kickstarter trailer, the funding allocation and a Steam Greenlight link. In other words; check this game out and back it if you can.

About The Fall

The Fall is a video game that flips convention slightly upside down — You play the role of ARID, an AI onboard an armoured combat suit, who takes control of the suit in order to help the human pilot, who’s hanging unconscious inside. However, ARID is bound by her laws of robotics and struggles with her own self limitation as she attempts to help her human friend. As players progress through The Fall, they must help ARID find contradictions in her rigid set of rules, allowing her to break them, gain some personal choice, and eventually start developing an identity outside of simplistic servitude. The Fall is also a civil rights story for an entire race who’s self worth is only defined by their use as servants.

Where are the funds going?

The Fall

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The Fall

Kickstarter Trailer

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