The Indie Game HQ Talks To Jens Blomquist, The Man Behind ‘Blockscape’


In the Indie Game HQ’s latest interview we had the opportunity to speak with Jens Blomquist, the man behind Blockscape. The game is being developer by one man, and Jens was kind enough to talk a bit about his plans going forward. Jens is planning on adding several new enemies and materials to create near limitless opportunities in this beautiful game.

About Blockscape:

Blockscape is a sandbox-game, inspired by Minecraft, where you can explore large worlds, with mountains, caves, rivers, trees and much more. At the moment the worlds aren’t computer generated, but later an update will add this feature. The size of every block is changeable, so you can build everything you want. Even things like furniture like chairs are possible.

You can also start a server and play with your friends (up to 256 players). (ModDB Page)

Indie Game HQ: Can you tell us a little bit about the people behind Blockscape?

Jens: It is just me. :)  I’m the typical nerd. I have been working as a programmer for the last 20 years, and I thought that now was a good time to create the thing I love the most, a game.

Indie Game HQ: What inspired you to make a game so beautiful?

Jens: Oh thank you! I’m very into composition. So much that my wife sometimes think that there is something wrong with me, and she is an art teacher. It could be music composition or color composition. I do a lot of research in almost every field. I’m always in the hunt of that special moment where the composition really touches you and make you feel epic.

My biggest source of inspiration is probably Lego. I am a collector of Legos from the 80s and I still do mocs from time to time. When it comes to games my inspiration comes from the atmosphere in Sim City, the potential in Minecraft and the open world of Far Cry. There are probably hundreds of games that inspired me, but those are the ones the popped up in my head.

Indie Game HQ: What was the creative process behind Blockscape?

Jens: Most of the time I have just been researching and trying out different ways to generate interesting worlds and then trying to render them fast enough. The caves for example are almost half a year of trial and error before I found the magic formula. I think that “never give up” is the key to success in a project like this.

Indie Game HQ: What seperates Blockscape from rest of the market?

Jens: It has a detail level and realistic feel (mainly because of the advanced lighting) that far exceeds the competition. And this is just the start.

Indie Game HQ: What kinds of enemies are planned for the game? Is there any chance we could see some concept art if available?

Jens: You will find anything from butterflies and fishes to giant trolls and dragons in the game. I finally decided on the style a couple of months ago and I have done some character modeling and animation so the first living things should soon enter the world.

No sorry. Currently I’m not 100% happy with how the models look so you will have to wait some more.

Indie Game HQ: How many different building/crafting materials do you eventually plan to add?

Jens: The only thing I know is that I want to add a lot more. Both block types and materials.

Indie Game HQ: What is the ultimate goal in Blockscape?

Jens: It depends on the game type you select. In survival there is none more than trying to stay alive. In defense mode it is basically the same but the game time is going to be much shorter.

Indie Game HQ: Is there a set release date yet? How much do you plan to charge for Blockscape?

Jens: Oh, I don’t know about release dates but when it is ready I will probably charge a bit more.

Indie Game HQ: Will there be updates following release?

Jens: Oh yeah. I have so many ideas for this game. As long as people are buying I will probably never stop working on it.

Indie Game HQ: Thanks for your time. Is there anything you would like to add for our readers?

Jens: I would like everyone to come over to the Blockscape forum to discuss the game. And don’t forget to show me what you build in Blockscape!



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  • Rasg

    Why make another Minecraft clone with better blocks?

    • madjac

      @Rasg You could also ask why anyone would make a FPS after Doom while you’re at it. Evolution. This guy obviously has a different approach, and graphically blows MC out of the water. I’m looking forward to this.

      Hey Jens, why isn’t this on IndieDB? That’s where I keep up with indie titles.

  • Dan

    I just bought this game, and it’s really nice. The world is absolutely epic (especially the caves) and the graphics are marvellous. Can’t wait for the monsters!

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