‘The Legend of Zomba’ – 5 Days Left To Fund This Retro Action Adventure Game

The Legend of Zomba Featured

The Legend of Zomba is a retro-themed action-adventure game. As the protagonist you must save the world! Explore dungeons, ancient ruins and more to find a way to rid the world of an unspeakable evil. You take on the role of Dr. Mann as he travels the world to locate three pieces of an ancient key said to unlock the gates of Hell and send the undead back to the dust of the Earth. The game is currently on IndieGoGo and only has 5 days left.

About ‘The Legend of Zomba’

The Legend of Zomba is an action-adventure game inspired by the gems of retro gaming. In the game, you will travel to ancient ruins, laboratories, fight mad scientists and solve multitudes of puzzles in your quest to find the three ancient artifacts prophesized to return the dead to the dust of the earth! The game is being developed with Adobe Flash CS5.5, but if stretch goals are reached a console port will be made possible.

The game is being developed as a PC, Mac and Linux game, but with enough funding a mobile port and console release will be possible!

IndieGoGo | Developer Website

Gameplay Trailer

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