The Witness Revealed to be Timed PlayStation 4 Exclusive

The Witness

Last night, Sony held a conference that blew away gamers, showcasing the PlayStation 4. This was more of an expected thing due to the buildup of excitement with the mysterious announcement of February 20th. The big question leading into this was, “Will the PlayStation 4 cater to indies at all?” Well that was answered in a way last night as Sony dedicated an entire segment to indies, most notably Jonathan Blow and his title The Witness.

The Witness showed off its beautiful graphics and vibrant colors. It was revealed that this would be a timed PlayStation 4 exclusive to coincide with their holiday 2013 launch. This is a great sign for other indie developers. Based on what they were saying it seems that indie will still be an important part of the PlayStation Network. This should not come as a surprise however, as many of the hit downloadable titles for the PlayStation 3 were indie.

The Witness | Twitter | PlayStation Blog


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