Introducing TinyKeep, Action RPG Now on Kickstarter


A Kickstarter campaign for the procedurally generated dungeon-based action RPG TinyKeep has been launched. TinyKeep features detailed gameplay, beautiful graphics, and no generic levels. Featuring the art of Matthias Andre, TinyKeep is being developer by the 3 man team of Phi Dinh (programmer), James Cobb (composer), and Ben Jones (concept designer). The game still has quite a ways to go before full release, but for a minimum pledge of £10 (roughly $15.50) you can reserve a full copy for Windows and Mac.

Game Site | Kickstarter

About TinyKeep:

TinyKeep is a 3D dungeon crawler for Windows and Mac, currently under development by programmer Phi Dinh. The game was originally inspired by classic roguelikes and RPGs such as Rogue, NetHack, Ultima IV, and boardgames like Hero Quest. Since it’s inception, the game has taken on a life of it’s own, dragged kicking and screaming into a new age – where terrifyingly intelligent monsters haunt the beautifully lit corridors of TinyKeep‘s dungeons.

Kickstarter Video:

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