Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing 48 Hour Trial Key Giveaway

Tropical Heat

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The folks over at Somatic Vision were nice enough to give us trial keys for their game Tropical Heat! Tropical Heat is a multiplayer jet ski racing game currently available through Desura for $9.99. These keys unlock 48 hours of complete game play with achievements! Be sure to thank the developers for the keys.

Tropical Heat:

Tropical Heat is a Jet Ski racing competition in the tropics. Race in both Single and Multiplayer or just relax and enjoy riding on the beautiful ocean around lush tropical islands in Free Ride. Customize your character and jet ski. Build up power to boost your speed to get big air jumps to perform a variety of tricks and combo tricks. Earn high scores and achievements and win all 15 races to unlock Extreme.

Somatic Vision | Tropical Heat | Steam Greenlight | Desura

To redeem and activate your key:

  1. Register on the site (You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google or Steam account).
  2. Click Get Key below to redeem your code.
  3. Go to the Tropical Heat website here.
  4. Choose either Download Windows Demo or Download Mac Demo.
  5. After download is complete enter your key in the redemption window.
  6. Enjoy your 48 hours of game play!

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What You Get:

You will receive 48 hour access to the multiplayer game Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing from Somatic Vision.

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