Uncommon Games Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for ‘Gravit’


A young, up-and-coming studio known as Uncommon Games needs your help. They are currently in the midst of running an IndieGoGo campaign for their title Gravit. The game is in a pre-alpha stage hence the rough trailer, but with a properly funded IndieGoGo, the devs will make several improvements, most notably in regards to graphics. Through this campaign they are only seeking $8,000, but there are stretch goals all the way up to $130,000. These stretch goals include things additional gameplay, a level editor, and even additional platform support. If you can’t support the IndieGoGo campaign, consider checking out their Steam Greenlight page linked below. The game is currently expected to release for Windows in 2014, but if stretch goals are met, we can expect to see Mac, Linux, and Xbox 360 versions as well.

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About Gravit:

Gravit is a 2D platform game mixing adventure and puzzle. You will be confronted to the end of the World.

The goal of this video game is to regroup several originalities around a main idea : a progressive change in gravity in a classic platform game.

But the word “classic” didn’t delight us. So we added lots of complementary ideas designed to help you facing the gravity cataclysm : dynamic fluids for water and lava, grappling hook, sword of power, temporal vortex, anti-gravity boots…

The scenario has a real significance in our game to articulate all the elements around a main story.

As you probably understood, Gravit’s base is to play with gravity. This last is changing all along the game going through different steps. But not only does gravity affect the player. The environment and objects are also subject to its action.

Never forget, gravity can change any time!


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