Closed: Under the Ocean Beta Key Giveaway, First Come, First Serve!

Under the Ocean

this giveaway is now closed

Under the Ocean developer Michael Reitzenstein is providing Indie Game HQ with the opportunity to give away 10 beta keys for their upcoming sequel to Under the Garden. Provide us with your email in the ‘How To Redeem Your Key’ tab below to get access.

Under the Ocean Beta:

Overcome the weather, vicious animals, injuries, disease, dehydration and famine to build your home on a deserted island. You start out shipwrecked, thirsty and alone. Start your campfire, find weapons and forage for food before the night sets in. You scavenge what you can from what’s washed up on the beach; but from then on, you’re on your own.

Official Website | Developer Interview

To redeem and activate your key:

  1. Register on the site (You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google or Steam account).
  2. Enter your Email below.
  3. Fill out the Captcha and press Submit.
  4. Wait to receive your key directly from the developer. (We do not control how fast you receive your key!)


What You Get:

Access will be granted to Under the Ocean’s beta once you have received your key from the developer. We will forward all emails directly to be processed, and we do not control how quickly you will receive your key for this giveaway.

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  • Michael Katic

    How do I call dibs? Like this?

    • James

      You click How to Redeem Your Key, then enter your email and fill out the captcha. You will be the 10th and final entry.

      • Michael Katic

        Yay, thanks!

    • Michael Katic

      NVM! “Provide us with your email in the ‘How To Redeem Your Key’ tab below to get access.”

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