Indie Game Story Video Update: Alpha Testing, IndieGoGo, and New Community Aspects

In this video update Tommy Bergeron, the developer of Indie Game Story, takes the time to discuss the final stretch of the IndieGoGo campaign, the improvements the game has received since the beginning, some new community aspects, and he even shreds on his guitar for us.

Be sure to stay tuned and watch the whole video as near the end, Tommy hints at a huge announcement that is coming in the next month and there are even some amusing bloopers.

Currently the IndieGoGo is at $755 out of the $1,000 goal, with 6 days left to reach that mark.

Indie Game Story recently ended their first Alpha test week and it ended in quite the success! With around 100 constant testers, Tommy was able to find and fix around 50 bugs and issues that players had.

About Indie Game Story

Indie Game Story is a game about having a creative/development team and develop your own indie games, living the life of a small game studio, getting contracts to get enough money to finally work on your dream project. You’ll be able to hire your own staff, make them work like hell, fire them, get better employees, get better contracts, try to optimize your income as much as possible before going all-in on your own indie game project which you will have the total direction in your hands. Pick a type, a genre, a good name, develop your game audio, art, code and text (through your employees). Get a bigger office, get more employees and work on more ambitious projects!

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