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About Terror Firma

Terror Firma is a first person shooter (FPS) zombie survival game that takes place within a UK military base. The player takes control of a British soldier who appears to be the only survivor at his home unit that has been overrun by ‘the undead’ amidst an on-going pandemic.

The player must search for weapons to defend themself and track down clues as to the whereabouts of the soldier’s missing family. Throughout the campaign the main character will be forced to overcome situations and make difficult decisions that will not just affect himself but the lives of others.

Blarchton barracks is a large open-world military camp, every building and every room will be accessible, although perhaps not straight away. Covering approximately 5 square kilometres, the player must sneak and fight their way through offices, a gymnasium, accommodation blocks and many other buildings in order to reach their goals.

Players will be able to perform simple weapon upgrades with multiple objects found around the vast playing area. Adding a torch to a rifle or nails to a cricket bat can affect the players abilities and fighting power.

Terror Firma promises to be an immersive and unsettling journey where the player can be sure that exploration without an escape route will be a harsh lesson.

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