Zeppelin Studio Wins Imagine Cup with Schein


After their IndieGoGo campaign sadly failed earlier this year, it seemed like 2013 wasn’t going to be nice to the developers of Schein. Their luck has changed as Zeppelin Studio can now proudly say that they have won the Imagine Cup in Russia this year. What does that mean? It means they will receive the funding they need to make Schein everything it deserves to be. This great game has potential to be one of the next great platformers. Be sure to congratulate them, and if you can check them out on Steam Greenlight. Still haven’t tried Schein? There is a demo available on the Schein page linked below.

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About Schein:

In this ingenious game light is the key to everything: Defeat deadly beasts, solve tricky puzzles and uncover hidden paths through the murky swamp. Step into the role of a desperate young man who is grieving over losing his only son. He wanders aimlessly through a murky swamp in search of .. something.. if only he knew what.

As he finds himself completely lost in the darkness, suddenly a glimmer of hope appears – a will-‘o-the-wisp named Irrlicht – which promises him help and guidance. When the Irrlicht’s glow touches their surroundings everything changes and new parts of the world are revealed, which had previously been invisible. Learn to use this light to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and defeat the horrible monsters of the swamp.


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